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Chanda Books is a family effort.

Archit Verma, a doctoral candidate at Princeton student holds a B.Tech in BioMedical Engineering from Duke. He wrote the Tara Sitara books when he was in eighth grade. Archit developed techniques to learn Hindi on his own in fourth grade when he discovered that his peers from different cultural backgrounds could speak/write their native tongue better than he could. Our approach for writing the books is a result of his insights into the interests of students in the U.S.

Riya Verma is recipient of Michel David-Weill scholarship, and studying for Masters at Sciences Po in Paris. While learning Hindi in sixth grade, she came up with the idea of writing books for teaching Hindi to children, and developed the concept of using the character of Aamoo to teach basic Hindi sentence structure and vocabulary to herself and her peers.

Paridhi Verma holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering and works for IBM. She encouraged Archit and Riya to develop the concept of these books. She is a freelance artist and has illustrated the graphics in the Sonu’s series.

Dinesh Verma holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and works for IBM. He has augmented his family's efforts to create these books with alphabet books in other commonly used Indian languages and Indian culture stories. He has also authored ten books in the field of Computer Science.