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1. Who are these books for?

These books are intended to teach Hindi to Non Resident Indian children in a fun and activity filled way. Hindi is taught to students using fun-filled stories and colorful pictures. The approach we are using is the same used for teaching languages in American schools. Kids learn Hindi through interesting stories using repetitive words and phrases and activity books. The goal is to have learning Hindi be a fun-filled experience, and not a tedious chore. The same approach has been copied for other Indian languages like Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil and Urdu.

2. How can I buy these books?

You can buy any of the books from Amazon. Most of the books are also available from international sites of Amazon, as well as other online retailers such Barnes&Nobles. In Canada, the books are sold by Oznoz, and in UK stores such as Grant & Cutler at Foyles stock some of our books. In India, the books are available at Amazon India and in UK through the Amazon UK site.

3. Why is the book publisher listed as CreateSpace instead of Chanda Books?

We are using CreateSpace as the publish on demand supplier to publish the books. CreateSpace is a subsidiary of Amazon that prints the books when someone orders then through Amazon.

4. How can I get a discount on the purchase?

Since the books are sold directly by Amazon or other online retailers, we are not able to offer any discounts on purchases of a single book. Sometimes the retailers will offer promotional discounts on their own.

If you need to purchase a bulk order of the books (> 10 copies), you can buy them at half-price off by ordering through this page. We will drop-ship a copy of your books from the publisher directly.

While we will be happy to give you the 50% discount on smaller orders as well if you order through the same page, you may find it more economical in smaller orders to go via Amazon and see if you can avail of an offer such as free shipping. If you are a member of Amazon Prime which offers free shipping, Amazon will definitely be better for you for small orders.

5. How do I minimize my shipping costs?

We recommend you combine your orders on Amazon so that you meet the minimum criteria required for free shipping. Usually Amazon will offer free shipping on orders over $25.

6. How do I return a book I bought?

Please contact the retailer you bought the books from.

7. Why don't you bring out a book on a given topic on in a given language?

If you would like to see a book on a specific topic, please send your suggestions to us via email or on the comments page. We will try to accommodate your suggestions to the extent possible.