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Tips for Parents

If you want to teach Hindi to your child age 1 through 16, you may want to use one or more methods listed here to make it a fun activity. You can also use this approach for any of the other Indian languages.

  • Talk to them in Hindi as much as you can. They will pick up English from their interactions with the outside world. The conversations you have with them will be the best practice in Hindi they will get.
    • It is okay if they talk back in English to you. Even listening to you speak Hindi in front of them is helpful for them to pick up key words and phrases.
  • Watch Hindi movies together with them. Hindi movies from Bollywood have an amazing ability to mesmerize and attract children as well as adults. The best type of movies for children are light comedies or movies with a lot of songs and dances. Pick up the movies which are fun (typical masala movies) rather than ones which are intellectual or art movies (boring for kids). If you have picked the right movie, your child will want to watch it again and again.
    • Some all-time favorite comedies are Padosan, Chupke Chupke, Golmaal, Choti si Baat, Munnabhai MBBS.
    • Some great song and dance based movies are Sholay, Lamhe, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam, Don, and Lagaan.
    • Not all movies are appropriate for all children, so choose something that your child enjoys and appreciates.
    • youtube is a great source of Hindi television and Hindi movies. Many of the movies are now available in full from youtube.
  • If you have service in your area, subscribe to Hindi television channels. Many cable companies offer Hindi channels and they are available on satellite systems. Watching some Hindi sit-coms, or other interesting shows with your children teaches them Hindi interactively.
    • We have observed that our kids enjoy shows that have kids singing songs or dancing to the tune of Hindi songs. There are many competitions on channels of this nature.
    • Most channels show Hindi movies so you can watch the movies with your children as well as per the bullet above.
  • If the kids are small, read to them at bed-time. You may want to pick up one of the leveled books on this web site (choose according to your child's ability) and read it to them. You can also tell a bedtime story in Hindi to them. Kids from age 1 to 10 usually love bed-time stories.
  • Listen to Hindi Songs on your CD, or play selected Hindi songs collections on your DVD. You can be more selective here about the type of songs and pick the ones your child likes and enjoys. They may love to sing and dance to the song of "Chainya Chainya" from Dil Se, or Deewanagi Deewanagi from Om Shanti Om, but may find the movie too violent.
  • Do fun activities with them that involves reading or writing Hindi. When you bake a cake with them, write their name in Hindi. When they make a greeting card, have them sign their name in Hindi or write the wishes in Hindi (you may have to write it and they copy). Kids usually like to do such type of things.

These are just a few of ways in which you can make it fun for kids to learn Hindi, and they will ask you for more.