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We have Hindi books in the following categories:

Introductory books provide an introdction to the basics of the Devanagari script, and are the first step towards learning Hindi.
Vocabulary builder books help to build vocbulary for specific topics such as animals, fruits, flowers, colors etc.

Level 1 Readers provide easy stories with simple repetetive sentences, and are useful for beginners who have learnt the script and are looking to build up a basic vocabulary

Level 2 Readers provide more complex stories with repetitive structure of paragraphs, and are a good step for intermediate readers to build up and strengthen their vocabulary and reading skills.

Level 3 Readers improve fluency and expertise in Hindi through stories which consist of complex paragraphs. These readers have stories that a child growing up in the West would relate to.

The activity books provide a way to learn Hindi alphabet, build the vocabulary, learn more about matras, brush up on grammar skills, and develop the knowledge of Hindi while having fun at the same time.